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  These days a lot of folks are beginning to focus on being more self-sufficient, whether preparing to survive emergencies, or relying less exclusively on the power grid, or growing vegetables in a greenhouse and cooking them in the sun. Using renewable energy such as solar power and dynamo hand crank power gives you at least a start toward energy independence. With these solar and hand crank products, we’ll do our best to help get you started. And we’ll be adding even more in the future. Self-reliance isn’t just a good could be a way to survive. Go Green!  

Solar/Hand Crank/USB Emergency Radio
This compact radio from La Crosse receives AM, FM, and all 7 NOAA weather band channels with a warning system that alerts you to severe weather or other emergencies heading your way. And with a built-in solar panel and dynamo hand crank, the included rechargeable 600 mAh battery (replaceable) won’t run out of power.

Retail Value: $59.95
ES-USA: $50.50

Vortex Hand Crank LED Flashlight
The multi-function Vortex 3-LED Dynamo Flashlight is state of the art, one of the most powerful emergency flashlights we’ve seen. Keep one handy in the car, at home, and in your emergency survival pack…and you’ll be prepared to see (or be seen) in the dark.

Retail Value: $29.95
ES-USA: $24.50

The ‘Voyager’
Solar/Hand Crank Emergency Radio
One of the most important items in any emergency survival situation is a reliable, self-powered, multi-band radio. The Voyager has it all...AM/FM/Shortwave/Weather (7 Bands), NOAA Weather Alert, a flashlight/red strobe, a 5-LED reading light, and a built-in USB port to charge cell phones, Blackberry, iPod/MP3 and more. Don’t pass this one up, it’s a winner!

Retail Value: $69.99
ES-USA: $48.50

Emergency Solar USB Power Kit
Powered by the sun and capable of transferring that power via a USB port. Not only can the solar charged battery transfer its power via a USB port, but it can also power a number of included attachments: LED flashlight, mini-FM radio (shown here), a reading light, even a personal fan.

Retail Value: $49.95
ES-USA: $39.50

Totally New All-American Sun Oven
Made in the USA, the totally new Sun Oven boasts many more user- friendly features than the Global Sun Oven we have offered on these pages. Year ‘round, even in winter, you’ll be able to bake, boil, steam, or dehydrate food in comparable time to conventional stovetops or ovens, using the sun for energy with your very own solar appliance.

Retail Value: $349.00
ES-USA: $274.50

New Solar & Pull LED Flashlight
Light When You Need It...Always!
Our new 3-LED flashlight has a built-in solar panel and a pull string dynamo generator, so it’s always ready to use in an emergency. The high-efficiency replaceable lithium battery can be charged over and over, either by the sun or by the pull string cord.

Retail Value: $37.95
ES-USA: $29.50

iPhone/iTouch/iPod Solar Charger
From Wagan Tech of California comes a solar charger for your iPhone, iTouch, iPod, 3G and 3GS. Charging time is less that 4 hours, and, fully charged, it will extend your total use time to 7 hours.

Retail Value: $89.95
ES-USA: $69.50

Rechargeable Hand Crank LED Flashlight
Can Also Charge Blackberry & MP3/MP4
The LightStorm rechargeable hand crank LED flashlight, featuring carbon ultra-capacitor technology, is at the cutting edge of self-powered flashlights. Rugged and dependable, it has both spot and flood settings and will work in even extreme temperatures. Only two minutes of cranking, and it’s fully charged for up to 20 minutes of light.

Retail Value: $24.95
ES-USA: $19.50

Emergency Solar LED Lantern with Flashers
Solar/AC/DC Rechargeable
This is a pretty amazing emergency lantern. Charge it with the sun (Solar Panels), with house current (AC) or in your car or truck (DC). Fully charged, it will give you 10-20 hours of light.

Retail Value: $89.95
ES-USA: $76.50

100% Solar Cooking with…
The Global Sun Oven
Year-Round Use, 15-Year Warranty...


Sun Oven cooks and bakes like a regular oven, heats at 350-400 degrees F, food won’t dry out or burn, food stays warm for hours, and it’s made with the most efficient and durable materials that won’t oxidize, rust, corrode or crack. Here’s a way to stay ‘Green’ even in an emergency survival situation when cooking is otherwise not available. Free shipping in Lower 48 states!

Retail Value: $289.00
ES-USA: $251.50

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